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Welcome to Chitawee French Bulldogs!

Kathy Clayton is an experienced long-time Breeder and founding member of Grove Kennel Club. Member of the French Bulldog Club of America, Kathy breeds to FBDCA colors and standard, only. Temperament and health are key components of her breeding program.

Here at Chitawee, we attempt to breed an outgoing, well balanced, healthy animal that will be a joy to show and live with.  While French Bulldogs are a "HEAD" breed, a breed whose head is the most prominent feature, a healthy animal needs more than a head to function. We plan our breedings to produce animals that are able to move correctly and adhere to the breed standard, without excesses in any one feature.

We've been raising and showing Frenchies for many years and have enjoyed much success in and out of the show ring, breeding dozens of sound Champions.  The health concerns involved in this breed have inspired an empty nester to devote my life to betterment of the breed. We hope that through genetic testing, carefully planned breedings, and public education to have a positive impact on this breed.

Past Stars

At Chitawee we've had many Frenchies who are near and dear to our hearts. We have a history of winners in the show ring, and wonderful companions

In Forever Homes

We love to hear from families who have integrated our Frenchies into their lives. Here are some photos of our boys and girls living it up in their new homes!


We've put together a list of online resources that we believe are helpful in learning more about the Frenchie breed!

Frenchie Afghan

A great gift for any Frenchie lover, handmade with care to fit a queen sized bed.

Chitawee has puppies available from time to time for select companion and show homes.

Please contact Kathy Clayton via e-mail at

or by phone at 417-762-2252 (home) / 918-801-3528 (cell) for more information.

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